About Us

Founded in 2015, it was Donny Walker’s vision to revive ‘pure radio’ and he hit the ground running with
WGLRO and has not looked back. The station is not just an outlet for news or a platform for music, but
it’s about giving the people a voice in either medium. It’s about like minds coming together sharing and
caring, growing and evolving into the best people that we individually and collectively can be. And it’s
because of this vision, WGLRO is truly “The People’s Station”.
But what makes WGLRO unique are its personalities. This station features over 25 industry
professionals, each with a flavor all their own bringing life, love and music to our audiences the world
over. They are: Big Ro, Cheryl Underwood Radio, Clive Brady, Constance Anderson, Crown Prince, David
Fisher, Dnincredible DJ Freddie Fred, Donny Walker, Dr. Julissa Hernandez, Edna Robinson, L. Martin
Johnson-Pratt, Gary Williams, Jazzi A, Joe Cochran, Kaci Dillingham, Lady G, Lady Song, Lisa London,
Melvin Jordan, Patricia Leigh, Ruach Ru, Sam Smith, Shonda English, Sulonda Smith, Sheron Pearson,
Shirley McKellar, Thomas Anderson, Tosha Renee, Johnnie Walker and Val Jones.
This station operates 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, in over twenty countries all over the globe. We’ve
got a little something for everyone and that’s why…we ARE the people’s station.